• During the economic life of a company, at times there arises a situation wherein the company grapples with the question whether to perform a merger, acquisition or sale.

    M & A transactions are intended events in the life of a firm and may have a dramatic effect on its future. Therefore, the company owners and its managers deal with many issues, such as:

    1. What are the quantitative and qualitative goals of the transaction?

    2. What is the proper strategy, in order to attain the goals that have been outlined?

    3. What is the proper transaction outline that takes into account: realization strategy, regulatory aspects, tax aspects, goodwill, and other items?

    4. How will this transaction stabilize the company in the markets wherein it operates; are there business and market advantages?

    5. How does the transaction affect other cultures; how should we assimilate this transaction and other items?

    From the abovementioned, we conclude that accompaniment by professional advisors who will render qualitative, reliable, encompassing advice is vital, thereby enabling the managers to utilize the proper instruments in order to reach practical decisions.

    The Mergers and Acquisitions team at Barzily & Co. render all the abovementioned. They provide professional consultation for a variety of issues that are related to the transaction, commencing with an evaluation of the strategic aspects of the acquisition and arriving at performance of integration subsequent to the merger or the acquisition.

    Services rendered in the framework of transactions accompaniment are:

    •   Entrepreneurship and identification of transactions

    •   Evaluations

    •   Financial Due Diligence

    •   Vendor Due Diligence

    •   Purchase Price Allocation (PPA)

    •   Post-Merger Integration – accompaniment of companies and preparations

      for performance of acquisitions, mergers and splits.