• Due diligence is an inspection procedure to assist the investor in identification of all opportunities, business exposures and risks prior to performance of a transaction with any individual or company.

    Due diligence is a vital procedure for any transaction involving acquisition of a company or operations and mergers. The investigation is intended to assure that the representatives of the seller are truthful, to identify and measure the risks involved in the transaction and to evaluate the potential contained therein.

    Generally, Due Diligence Includes:

    •   Reading and analysis of the financial statements and accompanying information.

    •   Analysis of the financial strength of the company.

    •   Examination of the tax exposure of the company in regard to the Tax


    •   Existence of contingent liabilities.

    •   Examination of the obligations to employees.

    •   Analysis of assets.

    •   Analysis of revenues.

    •   Analysis of expenses, budgets and other internal reporting.

    •   Examination of the management and marketing systems of the company.

    •   Engagements with The Chief Scientist and the potential liabilities arising

      Due Diligence aims at examination to assist you with performance of wise investments on the basis of trustworthy and up-to-date data provided for decision making and transaction performance.

      The Barzily methodology was developed to utilize a multi-approach for problems: general examination of all the operating areas and critical analysis of the investigated company, utilizing experienced professionals who have the relevant specializations. Several times, we perform an economic due diligence on the basis of the original investigative findings.

      The procedures are performed utilizing the complete cooperation of expert lawyers in order to perform the legal analysis.

      Barzily & Co. is a Firm with extensive experience in Due Diligence. We will be happy to assist you and to accompany you with these procedures.