• The Tax Department at Barzily & Co. has vast experience in accompaniment of companies during the course of current business, as well as in finding solutions to the problems that arise in commercial junctions. We strive to learn and understand the client's business from the corporate standpoint and his various needs in order to supply the best planning services that apply to our clients. Our approach to the tax module is an indivisible part of business strategy for the company and we assist our clients with the various development steps, commencing with small businesses and reaching international companies.

    The Firm currently follows-up company management and its approach to the Income Tax Authorities. During the year, we inspect and apply in order to match the individual's business needs to his estimated tax liability for the year.

    In the event that the business has been chosen in the audit sampling performed by the Income Tax Authorities, our Firm accompanies the client at every step of the tax audit, fully cognizant of the business and aware of the possible tax exposures. In the event that there is a specific need from the client, then a simulated tax audit is performed by our Firm, by previous employees of the Tax Authorities, in order to reduce the possible tax exposure at the time of the actual audit.

    Basket of Services for Corporate Tax Consultation Includes:

    • Consultation and tax planning.

    • Review of annual tax reconciliation statements.

    • Rendering a professional opinion to companies in regard to various issues.

    • Consultation in regard to mergers, splits, real estate transactions, research and development, approved enterprises, etc.

    • Value Added Tax (VAT) – Handling of refunds, unusual transactions, unclaimed inputs, amended returns, and VAT online.

    • Deliberations in regard to deductions, the National Insurance Institute, income tax and VAT – the Firm's staff usually presents a simulation to the client in his office prior to the deliberations in order to minimize any exposure to a tax debt by ironing out the foreseen problems and by backup utilizing possible solutions.page1image19832 page1image19992

    • Attainment of deposit confirmations for unusual withdrawals from the Income Tax Authorities.

    • Handling contractors – confirmations of Form 50 in their various formats.

    • Handling of employees who exit and join various Funds, if necessary, during the existence of the business.

    • Opening of files with the Tax Authorities and with the National Insurance Institute.

    • Pre-rulings (early approval) from the Tax Authorities.

    • Preparation of professional circulars for clients in regard to tax issues.

    • Consultation in regard to handling records and responses to inquiries in regard to accompaniment, audit and handling these records.

    • Accompaniment in regard to transactions and investment operations in Israel – accompaniment for agreements, contracts, special projects from the planning stage until their completion, including participation in the deliberations towards agreements and planning an optimal tax structure for a transaction.

    • Law for Encouragement of Capital Investment – consultation in regard to the framework of benefits tracks for the various tax alternatives.

    • Taxation of the capital market – consultation in regard to tax issues that are current for securities and for dividends.