• The experts at Barzily & Co. are experienced and knowledgeable in their fields for many years. This expertise is utilized in order to assist individuals with optimal planning of operations at all stages of their lives, whether as entrepreneurs or not necessarily as business people, and to withstand all the tax return information required, as well as to benefit from the general credits to which they are entitled within the parameters of the law (refunds, benefits and credits). Not every individual is aware of all the benefits to which he is entitled, and at this point we provide the rapid response, which is efficient and personal, in order to utilize the benefits provided to the individual in the framework of his business and his private life.

    The accompaniment, coupled with our knowledge of the ever-changing laws, as well as our flexibility of thinking, enables us to provide the best possible service for you.

    Our basket of services in regard to personal income tax consultation includes:

    • Personal income tax returns – subsequent to our examination of the tax liability and whether the individual must present his personal returns, we examine the tax computation to evaluate whether all the possible tax benefits have been applied properly.

    • The National Insurance Institute – First, we study the personal status of the individual. Subsequent to examination and encompassing review, we arrive at decisions that exhaust most of the benefits related to allocations, individual services, update of status, detriment to work, and other varied items.

    • Value Added Tax (VAT) – we combine the opening of a tax file with the Tax Authorities and its classification with a response to professional problems that arise in the area.

    • Examination of tax benefits for new immigrants and returning residents as a result of changes and updates in the legislation.

    • Accompaniment of assessments and deliberations with the Tax Authorities in regard to assessments.

    • Declarations of Net Worth – protection of the declaration of net worth while placing specific emphasis on the possible ramifications at the time of reviewing the declaration and comparison with a previous declaration.

    • Taxation of Pensions – Examination of the tax aspects of deposits at the time of deposit and the time of retirement, and the implications of the spread on the compensation to be received.

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    •   Accompaniment of transactions performed by interested parties of companies, including sale, allocation, etc.

    •   Willing disclosure.

    •   Handling of pre-rulings from the Income Tax Authorities in regard to extraordinary deposits/ withdrawals, including receiving a future allocation.