• Barzily Marketing Professional Consultation is a company within the Barzily Group. It is managed by Ofra Birron, who has an MBA from the University of San Francisco, California, U.S.A.

    Ofra has vast experience in the areas of marketing, marketing consultation, development of business, segmentation of marketing channels, analysis of the intended audience, establishment of comprehensive marketing strategies and plans for companies and for businesses, creation and transfer of the exact marketing strategy for the relevant intended audience. Concurrently, Ofra offers strategic communication advice to CEO's, Partners, Executives and Directors.

    Barzily Strategies for Marketing, Communication and Professional Consultation enables small businesses, medium and large companies to identify the tools and channels that will assist them to maximize sales and to strengthen the presence of their brand amongst the intended recipients.

    The marketing manager for outsourcing is an area of increasing significance in the business network that enables benefiting from all the abilities and knowhow of a senior marketing manager, in regard to costing and relatively limited budgets.

    We, at Barzily, will work together with you to develop a strategic marketing and sales policy, centralized marketing operations, as well as management of your marketing and advertising channels in the best manner possible that assures a span of results.

    These marketing operations will assist to significantly increase demand for your products and will enable your sales staff to create more business. As your marketing will be more centralized, professional and updated with the individualized solution that fits your business, it will be easier for your sales staff to finalize transactions – to mobilize more clients and to sell more.

    Please contact Barzily Strategies for Marketing, Communication and Professional Consultation now and allow our years of experience in the marketing field to be at your service.