• Business consulting is a priority tool in today’s market. Managers in leading organizations in all market sectors appreciate the value of an external consultant who identifies the organization’s business potential, as well as the risks to which it is exposed, and who formulates business development and recovery plans.

    Barzily & Co.’s economic and business consulting department combines superior economic and accounting knowledge with extensive managerial and business background. The goal of the department’s team is to complement the client’s internal capabilities and knowledge, so as to enable focus on ongoing business management.

    Professionalism, excellence and expertise combine with the department’s commitment and loyalty, in order to offer you economic decision-making tools, and to provide you with consultation regarding the challenges facing your business!

    We will put together a project team, according to the client’s needs, which operates with direct involvement or under close supervision of the department head. Our team studies the client’s data, and implements its solutions through constant dialog with the client.

    The advisory department accompanies the client during and subsequent to project completion, examines its implementation, and assists in working with various parties from the commercial and public sectors.

    The economic-business consulting department operates through the subsidiary "Barzily Economic and Business Consulting (2008) Limited", and is managed by Avner Gafni, a senior business consultant and economist, with a wealth of executive and consultancy experience gained from a long list of economic endeavors. Avner served as CFO in large-scale companies, and currently serves as chairman of a public company.

    The department provides business and administrative consultation, economic data analysis as a basis for formulating business plans, valuations, price research, etc., and professional opinion reports for accounting, legal or administrative purposes.

    Clients include:

    • Public companies, requiring economic studies for reporting or administrative purposes.
    • Growing companies, requiring professional information or supplementation of internal capabilities. 
    • Government ministries and public bodies, requiring expert professional knowledge.
    •  Associations and NGOs.
    •  Small businesses seeking to develop their activities or cope with difficulties.

    Areas of activity:

    •  Strategic-business planning and business plan formulation  Valuations and Mergers
    •  Equity raising
    •  Assistance securing loans from various parties
    •  Bank-related consultancy
    •  Cash flow examination and consultancy
    •  Cost-effectiveness studies
    •  Organizational financial infrastructure studies  Streamlining plan formulation