• In the event that you are required to file a personal tax return with the Israel Income Tax Authorities, we are able to assist you, and to guide you step-by-step in order to fulfill the requirements for filing a return, and to show you how to accomplish this task accurately and professionally.

    Besides assisting with the preparation of a personal income tax return, we will gladly render information and accompany you in the following areas:

    •   Implications of the VAT law

    •   Taxation abroad

    •   Advisability of reporting in accordance with the tracks for reported earnings

      from rentals

    •   Alignment for exposure to National Insurance

    •   Repercussions of employment of family members in the business

    •   Examination of expenses that were not claimed

    •   Alignment for the end of the year – provident fund, professional enrichment

      fund, loss of ability to work, etc.

    •   Implications of the Capital Gains Tax (offset of losses and rescheduling)