• Amutot (Associations), Companies for the Public Benefit, and consecrations are institutions that were established for the public good and not for attaining profits for their owners (hereinafter: "NPO's"). In order to encourage voluntary and philanthropic activities that are intended for the benefit of the weaker population, without any profits therefrom, and to advance public goals that the State is interested therein, various tax benefits for NPO's were legislated as a sign of esteem for their blessed activities.

    Amongst our clients are many public institutions and hospitals that receive professional advice in regard to all tax aspects for NPO's, such as various tax benefits and legislation relative to their activities, including the following:

    •   Related legislation in regard to VAT issues.

    •   Aspects of real estate taxation and taxation of NPO's.

    •   Various confirmations from the Tax Authorities, such as in accordance with Section 46.

    •   Confirmation of a public institution for purposes of rental space.