• Developing organizations examine the possibilities for obtaining financing and assistance from various sources, including international organizations and government sources, which offer a variety of incentives and government support. The State of Israel and various voluntary organizations (both Israeli and international) wish to stimulate economic activities. This stimulus is given through tax exemptions and benefits, grants and/or support. 

    Examples of organizations offering incentives and support include: 

    The Chief Scientist  Income Tax and Investments Center  The Israel Tax Authority  The Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor (including through employment incentives)  Various government ministries (including Education, Health, Prime Minister’s Office, etc.)  International funds  Other aid and philanthropic funds (e.g. – the Small and Medium Business Fund; the Exporters Loan Fund) 

    The consultancy and guidance services regarding incentives, budgets and support assist clients in identifying stimulus incentives and support which match their line of business, including when considering new entrepreneurial endeavors,. consultation for preparation of business plans, filing support applications, representation and guidance vis-à-vis the financing and supporting parties. Barzily & Co. has extensive knowledge and experience regarding incentives and support, gained through working with our clients, and as a result of the firm serving as auditors and consultants for and on behalf of organizations offering budgets and support. 

    The office includes a team of accountants which coordinate the incentives and support database. Team members participate in client think tanks when considering a new enterprise, and assist in formulating a budget for the endeavor and filing the application for the incentive/support. Our clients include industrial companies, hi-tech companies, exporters, non-profit organizations, and more. Clients include organizations which have been active for decades, as well as new ventures. These services are based on our commitment to provide high-quality, rapid service to our clients, and identify relevant business opportunities. 

    Areas of activity: 
    • Consultation and identification of incentives and support offered for the selected activities, as well as criteria entitling incentives or support
    • Assistance in preparation of relevant applications
    • Assistance filing ongoing reports as required by the authorities and issuing the necessary accountant’s certificates
    • Performance report preparation and auditing
    • Representation vis-à-vis parties offering incentives 
    • Assistance establishing control and reporting mechanisms as required by the supporting / budgeting parties.