• Audit of financial statements is performed at Barzily & Co. with a broad view of the business necessities.

    During the audit period, our goal is to "translate" the accounting world for our clients, minimize exposure to business risks and to assist you in order to improve your business results.

    The Firm specializes in Israeli generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), in international (IFRS) and American (U.S.) GAAP and provides services to clients with all forms of legal arrangements: private and public companies, not for profit organizations, partnerships, Government offices and hospitals, local councils, individuals, etc.

    Our team members counsel and accompany clients from all the various sectors of the economy (including industry, trade and services, hi-tech, biotech, hotels and tourism, construction, free-lance, real estate, companies, associations, not for profits, venture capital funds, international companies, partnerships, infrastructures, and transportation).

    How do we Operate:

    Audit and accounting consulting at Barzily & Co. is performed with an emphasis on rendering added value and adjusting accounting solutions and control to the size of the business while providing solutions to the client's challenges.

    The service philosophy of the Firm declares that we cannot look only at the past, as is done in procedures for the traditional audit, but we must analyze and understand the procedures occurring in real time and provide solutions that assist the client's strategies in the long run. The accounting consultation and the audit are performed subsequent to identification and location of challenges facing the client, as well as identifying his goals.

    The Firm is authorized by the PCAOB and serves as the auditors of public companies whose shares are traded on the American Stock Exchange.


    The Audit Basket of Services Includes, Inter Alia, the Following:

    •   Audit and review of financial statements.

    •   Preparation and presentation of audited financial statements to

      the Income Tax Authorities.

    •   Preparation of financial statements, including in accordance with the requirements of the Securities Authority.

    •   Audit of performance reports and others for financing entities and/ or inspectors.

    •   Consultation in regard to accounting issues.

    •   Preparation of prospectus and accompaniment of the issuance

      procedures in Israel and worldwide.

    •   Preparation of an audit opinion and an expert opinion.

    •   Specialized audits.

    •   Preparation of an expert opinion for the court.

    •   Accompaniment of companies in accordance with the Sarbanes - Oxley Act.