• Founded in 1990, MSI Global Alliance (MSI), formerly known as MSI Legal & Accounting Network Worldwide, is consistently ranked within the Top 20 global professional services organizations that include international accounting networks and associations, legal networks and law firm associations. We are different to our multitude of competitors due to our unique multidisciplinary membership of independent firms and the superior global coverage we offer.

    MSI is much more than an accountants directory or a facility to find a lawyer -

    our member firms are renowned independent firms that have been carefully selected from each country or city’s top local firms. To be accepted as an MSI member every firm undergoes a rigorous screening process that includes peer review reports, confirmation of its registration with regulatory bodies, a detailed application form, background checks on the firm’s partners, and a visit to the firm’ s offices.

    Every firm is also expected to provide evidence of its ability to provide a 'full service’ commercial offering, experience in serving a wide range

    of international clients varying from start-ups to the local subsidiaries of multinational corporations, and professional staff that can converse fluently in English.

    These rigorous standards and the values that permeate the organization are the reasons that MSI is the organization of choice for a growing number of entrepreneurial SME organizations requiring high quality professional services on a national, regional or even worldwide basis.

    Mid size firms: A better option for entrepreneurial internationally focused businesses

    Our member firms are able to compete with the larger international firms by offering high quality services characterised by partner involvement, big firm experience, personal service, responsiveness, an entrepreneurial approach, and greater value.

    There is no substitute for local knowledge when it comes to 'getting things done’, whether it relates to the workings of the local court system or tax compliance requirements, particularly when this knowledge can be provided by professional advisors who, as members of MSI, share the same approach to client service, and can deliver their services in either English or the local language. If you are looking for better value from your professional advisors, a viable alternative can be provided by accounting networks and law firm associations such as MSI Global Alliance.

    MSI Global Alliance is unlike a franchise - the main contact partners within MSI member firms have met and know each other personally, and regularly work on cross-border business transactions. While each member firm is fully independent, the collegial nature of the association ensures aseamless experience for the client requiring integrated services in multiple jurisdictions.

    A commitment to quality

    On joining MSI, every member firm is required to adhere to The MSI Charter which provides guidelines that ensure member firms and their clients continue to receive reliable and responsive services wherever in the world they require professional advice. A copy of The MSI Charter can be downloaded below.

    If you are interested in enquiring about MSI Global Alliance membership, please contact us.